Welcome to the Video Library

We've created a collection of links to Jeff's videos available on this site and on line, and coded the videos based on where they've come from and which shows each one is typically used for.

Performance Pieces
  Shapeshifter - Master of Masks Yes Yes Yes
  Voodoo People Yes Yes  
  Rainmaker Yes Yes Yes
  Illumination Yes Yes Yes
  Silver Rings Yes Yes Yes
  Sorcerer's Apprentice Yes Yes Yes
  Guardian Angel Yes Yes  
  Kabuki Fantasia (Abracadazzle Version) Yes Yes Yes
  Hindu Basket Yes    
  Shaman's Drum Yes    
  Excape! Yes    
  King of Cards Yes Yes Yes
Promo Pieces      
  Meet Jeff McBride      
  Abracadazzle! Commercial Yes    
  Magic at the Edge Commercial   Yes  
  McBride Speaker Introduction      
Television Appearances      
  Jeff McBride - A Magickal Live (trailer)      
  Jeff McBride - Celebracadabra (clips)      
  Mindfreak - Masks      
  Fox 5 - Hogwartz by the Bay      
  World Magic Awards - Masks & Cards      


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