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The World of Jeff McBride

PRI / BBC and others feature Jeff McBride and others whose magic has been widely stolen by others

Jeff McBride, Kevin James and Dirk Losander are among the most creative magicians of our time - each coming up with innovation after innovation, both in terms of new products they happily sell to others, and in new innovations they would prefer to "keep for themselves," in their own performances.  Unfortunately, more and more, others have been ripping off not only the products they've created and placed on the market, but also the ones they've kept for themselves.

Arun Rath indicates this may be an increasing trend in the world of magic in his articles for the BBC (click here) and on National Public Radio (click here), both of which broke on April 3, 2013.

Apparently there is a broad interest in this "battle of good vs. evil" in the world of magic - just two days after the BBC posted the story, it was closing in on 500,000 views, and was their 9th most viewed story on the day after it was released.

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