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The World of Jeff McBride

The Wonderground Celebrates FIFTH Anniversary at The Olive

Las Vegas, Dec. 18, 2013 -  Jeff McBride’s Wonderground at The Olive on Sunset celebrates it’s fifth anniversary on December 18th.  Each third Thursday for the past three years, a diverse group of magicians, variety artists, body painters, musicians, burlesque stars, slam poets, belly dancers and others have come together to entertain an ever-growing audience of in-the-know Las Vegans and out-of-towners at the Olive Grill on Sunset as part of Jeff McBride’s Wonderground.  And now The Wonderground is set to launch into it’s 5th smash year!

During the past year, Jeff McBride and his Wonderground phenomenon has inspired similar events, including ones in Milwaukee, WI (hosted by magician Dan Pollack), Rumford, ME (hosted by Scott Grassette), and now, “The Wonderland” in Louisville, KY, hosted by Ray Smerlin.  Each of the spin-offs was inspired by a visit from McBride to that city while on tour, and subsequent visits by the sponsors to the once-monthly event in Las Vegas. Each has its own distinct flavor, but maintains the basic format created by McBride for the continuing Las Vegas event.

Jeff McBride Wonderground is an experience that has evolved over time. McBride started experimenting with the concept almost 8 years ago. It all began in McBride’s “Wonderdome,” an experimental inflated dome set up in a secret warehouse location, (then by invitation only), then moved to Palace Station in the fall of 2008, where it materialized once each week, following the Friday night performances of McBride’s stage show, Magic at the Edge. After a year off, The Wonderground re-opened at the newly created nightclub at the Olive Grill, on East Sunset, where it has lived ever since. The event continues to grow and evolve each month – on a recent third Thursday, there were long lines waiting to get in from about 8pm on.

The Las Vegas magic and variety arts community has made The Wonderground it’s special home away from home over the past couple of years.  On a given night, one might spot Mac King, Lance Burton or Criss Angel at one of the tables.  Jan Reuven often drops by, as well as Kevin James and Kevin Burke.  Even Seigfried has been spotted on more than one occasion.  McBride states, “I love creating a space where all my friends in magic can come and feel comfortable which visiting with one another.  And of course, the star power in the room adds another level to the experience for the general public who comes to experience this always changing, one of a kind event each month!”

Jeff McBride, creator of The Wonderground is a long-time Las Vegas favorite. He started coming here when he was still in his 20’s, as an opening act for Diana Ross. First tapped as a headliner for the 1980’s revue “Bal de Moulin Rouge,” at the Hilton, he was later one of the headlining shows in Caesars Magical Empire’s Sultan’s Palace. He has toured the world with his shows, but “Magic at the Edge” several years ago at Palace Station was his first time bringing the full evening to Las Vegas. Living here for the past 14 years, McBride still performs around the world in between Vegas engagements. He is the founder of the McBride Magic & Mystery School, named by the BBC as the “world’s most prestigious school of magic,” which makes Las Vegas it’s home, as well.

Recently, several of the Wonderground evenings have been hosted by McBride’s wife, Abigail.  The reason?  He has been touring the country with his "McBride Magic Experience."  While Jeff has thus far managed to make it home to Vegas at least every other month, Abbi has proven to be an able Mistress of Ceremonies for the every growing, every changing celebration that is The Wonderground.

Learn more about Jeff McBride’s Wonderground at http://www.vegaswonderground.com.

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