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The World of Jeff McBride

Magic at the Edge   (PDF)
Genii -- The Conjurers' Magazine
"McBride and company certainly put on a world-class show." Mike Close writes an insightful article on Jeff's show in Laughlin.

Dazzled in Atlantic City: Abracadazzle   (PDF)  (Rich Text)
Genii -- The Conjuror's Magazine
"You'll laugh, you'll be amazed, you may even shed a tear or two. But you won't see tricks. No, no my friends. You'll experience magic."

Best Magician of Las Vegas   (PDF)  (Rich Text)
Las Vegas Review Journal
"Jeff McBride: Best Magician of Las Vegas..."

The Wonders of "Magic" Still Intact   (PDF)  (Rich Text)
Los Angeles Times
"McBride mingles mime and uncanny physical dexterity in his signature mask act, a genuinely haunting show-stopper that has to be seen to he believed."

McBride Headlines "Salute to Magic" in New York (MAGIC MAGAZINE) (PDF)

JEff McBride returned to New York City as the headliner for this year's sold out "Salute to Magic," produced by the parent assembly of the S.A.M. As a former "Magician of the Year" for the club, he was honored both to perform and to present the award to this year's Magician of the Year, Sol Stone.

A Magician Breaks Out of the Mold (and the Pack)
  (PDF)  (Rich Text)
New York Times
"He wields the primordial weapons of the magician... He wrestles with titanic unseen forces. He does not do rabbits."

A magic act that needs no rabbits   (PDF)  (Rich Text)
The Philadelphia Inquirer
"A magic act that needs no rabbits"

Review from Caesars Palace   (PDF)
Las Vegas Review Journal
Indeed, McBride’s powerful fusion of mask work, staging drama and alluring illusions, delivered with decided mystical and shamanistic overtones, made for a riveting performance.
McBride is easily the most exciting and mesmerizing magician I’ve seen in years.

Jeff McBride: Purcell Room   (PDF)  (Rich Text)
The London Times
"McBride...is a conjuror of genius."

Cabaret Review   (PDF)
The New Yorker
Cards sprout from every fingertip like cabalistic tentacles, then pour from his mouth, as if a full deck had been sequestered inside his cheeks.

Night Club Reviews: Jeff McBride   (PDF)  (Rich Text)
"Illusionist and magician Jeff McBride stunningly combines ancient ritual, traditional magic, Zen, Kabuki and some pretty amazing effects for an unusual hour of mystery and fun."

Magic - The Secret Art   (PDF)
The Star Ledger
Today's McBride production has a cast of five, including his recent bride Abbi Spinner, who can beat Houdini's time out of a strait- jacket, and their mentor, two-time Close-up Magician of the Year Eugene Burger, who more than likely has four decks of cards stashed in his Kris Kringle beard.

Magician has new tricks up his sleeve at Claridge   (PDF)  (Rich Text)
The Press of Atlantic City
"The best the Claridge has offered in more than 10 years!"

Magic Magazine - 2001 - Cover Article by Todd Karr (PDF)

Magic Magazine - 2008 - Cover Article by Rory Johnston (PDF)

Magic Magazine - 2010 - Wonderground Article by Rory Johnston (PDF)

Magic Seen Magazine - 2015 - Article on the Magic & Mystery School (PDF)

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