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The World of Jeff McBride

 Jeff McBride - a Magical Speaker 

Remember when you were in school, and there was one teacher whose class you couldn't wait to get to?  One whose lessons you still remember to this day, because he or she was so impassioned about the subject that they sparked the same passion in you?  Can you remember the fun you had with that teacher because, though they were completely serious about their subject, they didn't take themselves too seriously, and weren't afraid to have fun with the class?  Jeff McBride is just that kind of speaker and teacher.  


Though most widely known for his work as a performer on television, in casinos and at theaters and arts festivals worldwide, McBride is also a distinguished speaker.  He has presented talks on a wide array of subjects. including The Smithsonian Institute, MacDonald's Hamburger U., and the Creative Problem Solving Institute.  



An expert not only on the subject of magic and magical thinking, McBride also speaks authoritatively on creativity and on the relationship of esoteric and magical thinking and practice to modern society.  He has travelled the world in search of real magic, and brings a multitude of stories, ideas and magic from cultures around the globe.  McBride's lectures generally combine magical performance, broad humor and lots of audience interaction.  Audiences leave not only educated, but entertained.


He is an accomplished event facilitator and teacher who, amongst other pursuits, runs the world's premiere school for professional magicians

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