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The World of Jeff McBride

Magicians Only Show & Lecture / Workshop

· 1st Evening: Show & Lecture - Jeff McBride performs his special "Many Faces of Magic," commando magic show, followed by a break, and then by a lecture on the same evening, in the same space.

· 2nd Day or Evening: · 1 Super-Session Intensive Workshop (10 students and up.)

Theater Show / Lecture / Workshop

· Theatrical Show “Magic at the Edge” with Jeff McBride - 90 minutes

· 1 Lecture for Local Magicians - 2 hours plus Questions & Answers session (following show)

· 1 Secret Session Intensive Workshop (10 to 35 students - day or evening following show)

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The McBride Magic Experience
Fact Sheet


1. McBride has been seen regularly on every major television network. your audiences will recognize him as one of “The Worlds Greatest Magicians.” He is a Guiness World Record holder, and Magic Castle Magician of the Year whose shows regularly sell out and recieve rave reviews.

2. Your local sponsoring magic organization will “get out the crowd” for you. McBride’s biggest fans are other magicians, and they will help you generate strong press and word of mouth around this event. In effect, they will provide you with a small army of marketing volunteers. They can also help reduce your operations cost by volunteering to provide local transportation for McBride, helping with the technical set-up and running of the show, etc.

3. McBride provides a show that is truly suitable for the audiences of all ages. His show takes us on a magical journey through time and space to discover the magic that is within each of us. More than just a series of “how did he do that” puzzles, the show creates a real magical experience, running the emotional gamut from suspense to comedy and amazement. McBride is far and away the most exciting magical performer of our time. The show is not a children’s show…yet it delights children.

4. Jeff McBride has been touring shows for over 30 years. His current management and production team has been with him for over 20 years. We are experienced in adapting the show to the particular needs and capabilities of each theatre, and will do everything we can to make your job as simple as possible, and insure that you will not encounter any last minute unpleasant surprises. Our travelling production manager will set light cues and call the show for your local crew…which is limited to a light operator, follow spot operator and sound operator.

5. Use us to get the attention you and your organization deserve. We will provide you with artwork and sample press releases you can use to promote the show. We also make Jeff McBride available for interviews by phone during the period leading up to your show. He generally arrives in town at least one full day prior to the first public performance (he will do a lecture for local magicians on the day he arrives), and he will be available at that time to do live interviews with local press in order to promote the shows. We will also promote McBride’s appearance at your theatre on our own web site and through our own extensive mailing list.

Those with serious interest in bringing the McBride Magic Experience to your local club, click here to contact Jeff's Manager, Tobias Beckwith.


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