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The World of Jeff McBride

What Our Previous Sponsors are Saying About Hosting the McBride Magic Experience:

Jeff McBride created an atmosphere of excitement -- and the unexpected. Plus, his lecture and masterclass not only invigorated Chicago's magic community with a great deal of celebrity buzz, it provided practical material for working performers as well as a much-welcomed opportunity to delve into the deeper mysteries of performing professionally.

Jeff’s organizational skills and ability to 'work on the fly' before showtime was quite impressive. His pre-show preparation and set-up was streamlined to assist our production assistant and tech person with a minimal amount of effort. And in the end, Jeff delivered a big, colorful performance that brought our sold-out audience to their feet.Robert Charles Magic Chicago


I have produced several Masterclasses for Magicians with Jeff McBride. I've seen many magicians do lectures and teach. And I could easily categorize them. But what Jeff does doesn't fit any category. He seems to shapeshift to meet the needs of every individual student. He doesn't try to push his visions but is genuinely interested in the student. It's his mission to take that particular student to his or her next level. This means that he takes every relevant aspect into consideration to quickly design the most effective way to coach: level of skill, background, style, kind of magic, personality. Apart from his skills as a magician and teacher, he may be the most generous person in the business.George Parker, Netherlands


Having Jeff here for “The Jeff McBride Experience” was beneficial to our Club, as well as being a magical experience for our hometown.  We anticipated the Ring losing money over this event, and felt that it was worth taking the loss to be able to bring Jeff to Jacksonville.  However, we did in fact make a net profit on the events.  Jeff was a consummate professional, and couldn’t have been easier to work with.  The entire event was a complete success; both for Magicians and members of the public. - Simone Marron, Jacksonville, Florida


Local magicians were thrilled, as witness by the lecture turnout.  But the public was thrilled as well, and the turnout was great.  Out of a total of 480 possible tickets to well, we sold about 450.  Jeff clearly brought people into our theater who had never been there before, thereby increasing the size and breadth of our audience.  Andy Weintraub, Rhinebeck Center for the Performing Arts


I hosted The Jeff McBride Experience in Italy in 2010, and it has been a totally rewarding and enriching experience, on many different levels.

Jeff’s fame in the magic community instantly helped selling all the tickets available, resulting in 2 sold-out shows! For the magic-enthusiast is a great occasion to invite friends and families to a real magic show, offering a source of true wonder and amazement!

As to the Master Class that followed, the most recurrent feedback have been: “the deepest and most important learning experience a magician can get”. No matter the level of ability or expertise, it’ll bring the participant to his next level in magic.

Moreover, from my host viewpoint, spending time with Jeff on the road, lecturing and performing, offered me a privileged access to a whole new realm of secret knowledge.

Therefore, I’d bet that hosting The Jeff McBride Experience will prove to be a 100% success guaranteed, whatever your criteria of success is. -- Ferdinando Buscema, Magic Experience Designer, Milano, Italy


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